The Secret To Perfect Steaks At Home: How Meat Thermometers Changed Us

Confidence is key.

Equipping your kitchen can be an extremely pricey ordeal, and takes up a lot of your counter space. That’s why for the longest time we didn’t even have a toaster. (Okay, we still don’t, but that’s another story)

However, there is one special kitchen gadget out there that has proven to be an incredibly worthy investment. (Okay, it was actually a birthday gift, but still.)

It all goes back to those oh-so deceptive, but delicious-looking burgers that fooled us into thinking we were safe.

There is nothing worse than biting into a bloody, dare-I-say raw piece of meat.
Except, of course, the opposite:

The perfect cut of new york strip that has been cooked into a rubbery slab for fear of trichinosis. Or, the luscious thanksgiving turkey that’s so dry you have to drown it in (flourless) gravy and bear the shame.

I’ll be honest. We’re guilty of all of it.

Cooking meat at home can be filled with second guessing, and the flavor-killing last words: “One more minute just to be safe.”

It all changed for us when we got our first real meat thermometer.

Investing in a quality instant-read meat thermometer can take your home cooked dinners to the next level. Whether you’re grilling, baking, roasting or frying, getting the meat to the perfect temperature is absolutely KEY.

Our meat thermometer is the Char-Broil Instant-Read Digital Thermometer. It comes pre-programmed with temperature suggestions for every type of meat, and gives you an instant digital reading. Super easy- just poke and wait for the beep. Plus, it folds up and neatly stores with the silverware. It goes for $31.99 on Amazon (Although, right now it’s on sale for $20.) I promise, it’s worth every penny.

There’s nothing like taking your chicken out of the oven with confidence, knowing you won’t be serving something raw or rubbery. And best of all, you won’t be wasting money by ruining your expensive cuts of meat.

Is your mouth watering yet? This gadget helped take our steaks to the next level.

Here’s a few extra tips for juicy, tender steaks at home.

1.Salt Before!
Salt your steaks and allow them to rest for at least 40 minutes, or overnight. During this time, the dissolving salt will break down the meat so it absorbs better. After 40 minutes, the juices get reabsorbed back into the meat for a higher concentration of flavor! Leave your steaks to rest uncovered overnight, and the salt will continue to work its way into the muscle structure, getting more delicious by the moment.

2. Choose your favorite blend!
Our favorite seasoning blend is Weber’s Chicago Steak Seasoning. Try it, and you’ll never want to use anything else. It’s the perfect blend of BOLD flavors, but doesn’t overpower the steak! It’s both gluten free and kosher.

3. Butter!
Don’t feel guilty. Baste your steaks vigorously with butter as they cook to achieve that delicious sear. You can use olive oil if you want, but we stand by our butter when it comes to getting the perfect steak.

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