Simple Gluten Free Cinnamon French Toast Recipe (Ft. Our Favorite Gluten Free Bread!)

Finding the right gluten free bread is tricky. It can go wrong in many different ways.
I can assure you, we’ve tried them all.

Tiny loaves fit for an elf.
Usually frozen.
Crumbly dry.

Sometimes you can make it work by coating them in butter and toasting until they are crisp and unrecognizable.

One thing they all have in common?

They aren’t cheap.

We’ve been on the hunt for an affordable gluten free bread that you can eat right out of the package, and let me tell you– this is it.

This bread is multi-grain, which makes it twice as flavorful and healthier than regular GF white bread. It’s made with a gluten free flour bend of tapioca starch and potato starch, and a whole grain blend of brown rice, teff, millet, and red quinoa. It includes just 4 grams of added sugar, and 0 grams of fat.

It’s soft. It won’t fall apart on you. You can even enjoy it without toasting!

It’s stored right on the shelf, so there’s no need to thaw it out. And our favorite part…

…it’s a wide pan loaf.

That means no more “fun size” mini-sandwiches! If you’ve been gluten free for any length of time, you know how difficult that is to find.

And… the price is right!

We found it in an unexpected place. Even though we get a lot of our groceries from Aldi, this option is relatively new among their wide range of gluten free and organic products. (I highly recommend you check all of them out. They have everything from wraps and crackers to cookies, donuts and baking mixes.)

This Live G Free Whole Grain Wide Pan Gluten Free Bread goes for $6.05 at Aldi. It’s worth every penny. This price is directly comparable to other brands, and you’ll probably even save a few bucks.

But it’s good for more than just toast!

When Christian wants to treat me to breakfast, he often opts for this Simple Cinnamon French Toast Recipe! It’s sweet, satisfying and just makes the morning a little more special. This french toast is hearty and filling like a pancake, but way quicker to make! No need to spend time measuring out batter.

It always makes my day better when I wake up to this magical creation! I think it’s the best thing since sliced bread. 😉

Here’s how he put our Aldi bread to good use this week.

Simple Cinnamon French Toast

6 slices gluten free bread
5 eggs
2 tbsp cinnamon
1 tbsp nutmeg
1 tsp ginger
1.5 tsp vanilla
2 tbsp butter

Heat it up!

Step One: Preheat a pan on the stove to medium heat.

Crack n’ Mix!

Step Two: Crack all five eggs into a wide bowl or tupperware container. Add the spices and whisk until fully combined.


Step Three: Dip a piece of bread into the egg mixture. Flip and repeat on the other side until fully soaked through.


Step Four: Melt about 1/2 tbsp butter in the preheated pan. Transfer the egg-soaked bread to the pan. Let sizzle for 2-3 minutes and flip to the other side. Cook an an additional 2 minutes, until the egg is fully cooked through and the bread is lightly toasted brown.

Repeat and Add The Sweets!

Step Five: Repeat these four easy steps for each slice of bread. 🙂 Lastly, you’ll want to drench them in maple syrup and sprinkle with powdered sugar, like us!

What’s your favorite way to enjoy sliced GF bread? Comment below!

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